Environmental Support (2011 – present)

Consent Decree RCRA Compliance documentation development

  • Best management practices for waste handling at operating facility
  • Facility reports – equipment designations for Bevill Exempted and Non-Bevill Exempted equipment

Waste Stream Characterization (RCRA)

  • Waste sampling plan development for wastes generated during running, maintenance and turnaround of production facilities
  • Sampling and results interpretation of above wastes
  • Waste management plan development

Working with facilities on modification/review of operating practices for RCRA compliance purposes

  • Spill/leak detection systems, response and reporting
  • Waste management practices based on Bevill/Non-Bevill status
  • Standard Operating Procedures versus Management of Change
  • Maintenance standards for RCRA compliance

Development of future compliance projects at the operating facilities to further comply with RCRA

Energy and material balances primarily for tracking concentration of hazardous substance(s) or product material through the processing system

RCRA Training materials development for Management and Operations

Chemical Process Engineering (2000 – 2006)


  • Process Flow Diagrams Development
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Development
  • Piping Hydraulics
  • Mass Balances
  • Energy Balances
  • Training materials development
  • Process Performance Improvement


  • Development of material and energy balances around phosphoric acid production process from rock grinding up to Granulation
  • Reactor (di-hydrate process, Prayon/Dorr Oliver) efficiency tests – track reaction process in each compartment, slurry retention tests to detect compartmental pluggage or excessive build up
  • Vacuum pan filter efficiency tests – measure acid concentration throughout 360-degree filter span to improve filter efficiency by adjustment of water balance and baffle positioning within filter valve
  • Phosphoric Acid Plant and Granulation product loss and recovery tracking
  • Effect of rock particle distribution on Citrus Insoluble and Citrus Soluble losses in dihydrate phosphoric acid reactor (Prayon and Dorr Oliver)
  • Reactor slurry De-sulfination project commissioning and start-up
  • Sulfuric acid delivery to filter washbox project process development and design
  • Development of Ca to SO4 correlation curves for 30%, 40% and 50% to address acid clarification efficiency
  • Effect of minerals found in rock on Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) grade – statistical study

General Engineering Services

  • Documentation development – training/operating procedures
  • Working with databases -┬áHistorical data mining and filtering


  • Fertilizer Industry
    • Phosphoric Acid Production
    • Granulation


  • English – fluent (reading, writing)
  • Russian – fluent (reading, writing)

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